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Ticket Home

The new single

Hawthorn Avenue brings us the next installment of their music, which is guaranteed to satisfy those classic homegrown country cravings. ‘Ticket Home’ boasts yet another aspect of Hawthorn Avenues diverse and dynamic sound, with a move away from the pop influences that can be heard in ‘Favourite Feeling’ and very clear Nashville influences brought in by producer Tommy Harden.

“Ticket Home is about togetherness. It’s about living in a world full of trials and tribulations and holding tightly to those around you who make you forget about them. It’s about being in love. It’s about letting yourself be loved even when you sometimes feel like you don’t deserve it, because everyone deserves it. Everyone deserves someone who feels like home.”

Although Ticket Home’s production was finished at the start of 2020, the turbulence of the year so far had Hawthorn Avenue holding on to the track and waiting for the perfect time to release, but one half of the duo, Laura said that “given how hard 2020 has been for a lot of people, and how much love and positivity was poured into this song, we just couldn’t hold onto it any longer knowing that it had the chance to make even one person smile”.

With its gorgeous harmonies, layers of beautifully soft instrumentation and surges of emotion, ‘Ticket Home’ is the perfect track for plugging in your headphones and forgetting your troubles.

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