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Hawthorn Avenue are catching on like Wildfire, and you don't want to miss out on what the pair have in store next.

Marcus & Laura met two years ago in Swansea, drawn together by their joint love of Country Music and first making music together at Swansea's answer to Downtown Nashville Honky tonk Bars, The Bucket List. Since then they have won over local music fans with their fiery set, comprised of music that can't be pinned to one genre but has very clear references to Country Music and Classic Rock. Fleetwood Mac, The Wandering Hearts, and Striking Matches lie among their influences and their debut EP 'Wildfire' wears it’s influences proudly whilst retaining authenticity and freshness.

Although still in their infancy, Hawthorn Avenue have achieved more in 6 months than most bands can say in their lifetime. Nothing but praise and acclaim have come their way since the debut of their EP at a sold out hometown show, with a selection of tracks from the EP already doing the rounds on radio stations across the country.

With huge plans for 2020 and beyond, there is no doubt that this Wildfire isn’t going out anytime soon